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Art of Ukiyo-e

Keri Cheng


I want to introduce to everybody about the Japanese traditional way of creating illustration arts, Art of Ukiyo-e.  It’s a printing technique which uses the woodblock method to create many kinds of illustration arts in the Edo period of Japan. It’s unique to learn about Asian art and its culture which is very different than the western art.I will illustrate what is the Art of Ukiyo-e and to let people realize what is the uniqueness of it and its influence to the art world.

The topic is important because it’s one of the most important art movement in Japan’s art history and how to create an example of an Art of Ukiyo-e.  I am inspired of Hokusai because he is an extraordinary Ukiyo-e art artist who has a high reputation.  His arts are very various and full of dramatic elements in which I am admired of.  It’s for age group of 13-25, all occupations would be appropriate especially for the artists.  It isn’t a matter for race and gender, all people will be welcome.